Free Fares will make a big difference for hundreds of thousands of Kiwis from all backgrounds.

For Community Service Card holders:

My life is dependent on public transport. I feel it is a cost I shouldn’t be having to fork out for. If it was free, I would definitely go to a lot of places. It would mean I could put money towards other things, like other bills. It would save a lot of money for those of us on low incomes, because one of our biggest costs is the bus fares. When public transport isn’t running, I don’t have a life.

Wesley Gyles-Bedford, Community Services Card holder in Wellington

For families:

Reliable, regular, free or low cost fares would make a huge difference in many families lives. It would help families be less car reliant, foster growing independence in our children and young people and make public transport a climate friendly, easy and affordable choice. Right now it is simply too expensive

Alicia Hall, National Coordinator for Parents for Climate Aotearoa

For students:

Free transport would be transformational to students. Many of us live on low incomes and have to carefully choose what we spend our money on. We want to make the best choice for the climate, but that’s hard when it’s so expensive.

Kim Fowler, President of USCA (University of Canterbury Students Association)

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